Player profile: Jonny Gomes

Ironsides was well paid for his intangibles in 2013, earning $5 million – a mere $4 million more than he was paid in 2012 by the Oakland Athletics. He produced roughly comparable numbers for the Red Sox to those he produced for the A’s, but this is a guy who was undeniably a huge contributing factor to the success of the team to the point that his numbers are almost irrelevant.

The good news is Gomes is back for 2014 (for another $5 million) and his character and passion will need to be in good order, thankfully this is the least we can expect from him. Gomes won’t be voted into the Hall of Fame any time soon, but if he was he’d have to enter it wearing a Red Sox cap. That’s the affinity he has with Boston, and that the fans have with him. Like Mike Napoli he’s done nothing but cement this status in the offseason getting quite possibly the best tattoo in Red Sox history.

One thing to look out for in 2014

With Gomes you never really know what he’ll do next, most players don’t appear on the field wearing a combat helmet, or punt beer cans into the crowd.

Numbers wise you can probably expect more of the same and that will probably include some towering home runs and a few highlight reel catches in left. Really, the one thing to look out for is Jonny Gomes. Seriously, look out!