Twin Peeks

Ahead of tonight’s second game at Target field, where the Red Sox will look to Ryan Dempster to secure their seventh win in eight games on the road in the North Star State, here are some twinned statistics and facts to consider;

  • The Red Sox have allowed just 15 runs to score in the first inning so far this season
  • The Twins have allowed 40


  • Dustin Pedroia leads the Red Sox in hits with 54 in 159 at abts (.340 BA)
  • Joe Mauer paces the Twins with 51 hits in 146 at bats (.349 BA)


  • Against the Twins on May 7, Ryan Dempster pitched 7 innings giving up 2 runs and collecting 8 strikeouts in the 6-1 defeat.
  • Scott Diamond also matched up with Dempster that night, going 7 innings and giving up no runs and just 3 hits.


  • In his last outing Dempster allowed a season high 6 earned runs over 5 innings against the Toronto Blue Jays
  • Diamond was also torched for 6 earned runs in his last outing, lasting just 5.2 innings against the Baltimore Orioles


  • Ryan Dempster is a big golf fan
  • Scott Diamond is a fan of the recently resurrected on Netflix show Arrested Development
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