7 Red Sox facts to start the day right

  1. In 15 games this year the Red Sox have scored 75 runs, if they continue to produce at this rate they will score 810 runs for the season, still someway short of the record 1,212 scored by the 1894 Boston Beaneaters.
  2. With 75 runs the Red Sox rank 10th in the MLB, 24 runs behind the Oakland Athletics who lead all of baseball with 99.
  3. Only Atlanta has allowed fewer runs against than Boston.
  4. On April 20th 2011 the Red Sox were 6-11 with 90 runs allowed.
  5. The Toronto Blue Jays have allowed the most runs in baseball so far this year with 91. The Red Sox account for 19 of those runs.
  6. On  April 20th 2007, the Red Sox were 10-5 with 75 runs scored and 42 runs allowed.
  7. As of now, the 2013 Red Sox are 11-4 with 75 runs scored and 42 runs allowed.



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