6 things to like about Brad Ausmus

The Red Sox will interview former Major League catcher Brad Ausmus tomorrow, here are six facts about the man who could succeed Bobby Valentine –

Josh Byrnes hired Ausmus as Special assistant to Baseball Operations in San Diego. Byrnes was part of the team that interviewed and hired Terry Francona in 2003.

Joe Torre said of Ausmus “He’s a smart cookie, everybody knows that, and he has an engaging personality.” Torre also had Ausmus manage a late season LA Dodgers game.

While playing at catcher in what was the longest postseason game in history (18 innings) Ausmus caught 17 innings, as well as playing 1 inning at first base.

Only retired from playing in 2010 so knows the demands of the modern game.

He has experience catching the Knuckleball, from knuckler Charlie Haeger, and said of the mitt he was using “The best way to describe it is if a catcher’s mitt and a first baseman’s mitt had a baby.”

In a 2007 Sports Illustrated ‘Smartest person in baseball’ poll Ausmus got 5% of the vote and he has a degree in government from Dartmouth college.

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