3 Reasons for and 3 Against Trading

3 reasons the Sox shouldn’t make a trade.

  • They already have all the starting pitching they need.  Lester and Beckett can both be useful down the stretch and are likely to improve at least a little, perhaps a lot.  Buchholz has already shown that a turnaround from poor form is possible. Dice-K will be back in contention for a rotation spot soon and has the ability to be as good as anyone that could be picked up via trade.
  • The offence has been one of the best in baseball, even with all of the injury troubles so far.
  • The perceived depth isn’t what it appears to be.  It seems inevitable that Crawford’s UCL will go sooner rather than later and he will need Tommy John surgery, so Nava will be needed back in action in left.  Sweeney is now likely headed to the DL and Ellsbury’s reluctance to steal bases since his return suggest he is one slide away from another dislocation or broken rib.

3 reasons the Sox need to make a trade

  • Ryan Lavarnway is ready to contribute in the Major Leagues.  Kelly Shoppach has been a serviceable back up for Saltalamacchia but Lavarnway is the future at catcher and more experience in the bigs before next year would further his development.
  • The rotation is currently being held together with scotch tape.  They can’t rely on the current rotation to get to the postseason.  Lester needs to continue to improve on his performance against New York and Beckett probably needs to regain 3-4 MPH on his fastball to be effective again.
  • Some fresh faces are needed in the clubhouse, preferably players who have never met Terry Francona.  Detox is required.
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