Get the Bunting Out!

In an operation more covert than the assault on Osama Bin Laden’s Pakistani lair, Major League Baseball have secretly relocated the Boston Red Sox into the National League.

I mean, how else could you explain fifteen sacrifice bunts in 56 games this year. Fifteen!

The latest example of the utilization of this outdated notion happened in Wednesday night’s game versus the Baltimore Orioles. Down 2-1 in the bottom of the 7th the Red Sox threatened to put together a comeback rally. It started with Adrian Gonzalez who hit a line drive single to left and was followed by a Jarrod Saltalamacchia line drive single, also into left field. Enter Darnell McDonald, who has a respectable .265 career average against left handed pitching, to face tiring lefty starter Wei-Yin Chen who was approaching 100 pitches and under pressure with two men on base and no outs.

Everyone in the stands knows this is the late inning comeback rally, this is Boston baseball!

Until the sign was flashed – SACRIFICE BUNT.

Playing for the tie against the headed-for-last-place Baltimore Orioles in front of a sell-out Fenway crowd? When did this team stop playing to win?  When did they start thinking the best they could do was to scratch out one run?  The Red Sox I remember were a team that punishes starting pitchers late in games and sends the Fenway faithful home with souvenirs, you can’t put a sacrifice bunt ball on ‘the shelf’!

D-mac did what he was asked and got the bunt down, the runners advanced and the scoreboard updated the outs to one.

OK, so what’s done is done, who’s coming up to knock this tying run in then? Marlon (bleepin’) Byrd!

Note: No runs were scored in the making of this inning.


Image –  Some rights reserved by Alex Parks photos